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To all of our potential clients, in the state of New York:

We respectfully present to you our young [but old] and tremendously unique company. The company DIF NEW YORK CONSTRUCTION LLC can significantly help every developer and authority that performs projects in the construction industry.
We deal in construction management and supervision on behalf of the client and we have extensive experience in a wide variety of projects for many different clients. The company began 16 years ago in Israel as DIF Engineering. Last year the owner Ilan Feder expanded operations to the United States, beginning with projects in the metro NY area



A. Why we are special?

We have accumulated rich experience not only in project management and supervision on site, but also in review of projects carried out by others which we were asked to audit by the government of Israel, comptrollers of cities, the police and other municipal agencies. In those projects we examined pre-construction bids, payments for contractors, and other cost-related documents for dozens of projects for the Israeli ministry of buildings and for the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We saved millions of dollars in costs for our clients before projects even began.

We have international experience in Europe, both in Israel and for Dutch companies with which we did complicated joint energy projects.

We have extensive experience in managing legal disputes between contractors and clients.

Our preside served as an agreed expert between sides in large-scale financial disputes between various parties. He is a certified arbitrator on behalf of the Israeli Bar Association. The Israeli parent company provided multiple reports about the proper conduct of projects for comptrollers of cities, the police and for big private companies, in which we improved processes, fixed problems and helped to prevent corruption.


B. Experience in New York

  1. MTACC- MTA Capital Construction East Side Access project

  2. East Side Access is a public works project being undertaken by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City. It is designed to bring the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) into a new East Side station to be built below, and incorporated into, Grand Central Terminal. The new terminal and connecting tracks are expected to cost $10.178 billion and are scheduled to start service in December 2022. We recently finished a detailed audit report for the MTA in which we identified specific ways in which they will be able to improve the relationship and synergies between the many projects that make up this great project, to finish it in time and prevent operating and maintenance problems.


C. What is our motto, which is different from many others companies in the market?

  1. We do not believe in the fast track method!
    Our projects are performed in a careful and orderly manner and do not cut corners. The so-called “fast track method,” in which one begins to carry out the project with poor and incomplete drawings and scope of work for bids, is really the “slow track” method because it will lead to wasted time and money down the line. Our systematic and orderly method easily wins the three main features of the project: time, schedule, and budget.

  2. We don’t like change orders which are paid to the contractors.
    Thus, we will do the maximum we can to ensure that the project will be in good order and designed correctly from the beginning. In the case that change orders are needed, we do not charge any fees from the change orders value. We do all that because we want to make our full commitment to a well-designed project and do not accept unprofessional situations in which CM encourage change orders in order to charge more fees.

  3. Release architect and consultants to engage in work-that is, the design.
    We help the architect as well as the other engineers, by preventing direct dialogues in front of the contractor. We take on our shoulders most of the assignments facing the contractors, by giving the architects and engineers peace of mind to deal with the design. We also protect them from unnecessary pressure from the client. It helps the client as well, who thus deals with only one entity. All of that is done within a good atmosphere in which all of the team can speak freely with the other team members. We bring an atmosphere of quiet professionalism to the project, the work conducted logically and orderly, avoiding needless repetition of planning and design changes. By that we prevent disputes between the client and the consultants, due to demands for design changes which are often not welcomed by the client.

  4. We don’t like to say, what we do NOT do, rather we focus on saying what we DO.
    The qualifications that we accumulated during the past year are so various, we have the experience needed to supply all the necessary services and fill all the "holes" in the project to bring it to completion. In our case it is not a slogan, it is our Outlook on Life.

  5. Working in harmony with the project team
    The company DIF has dealt for many years in project management, infrastructure, commercial structures, residential projects, security projects, clinics and a wide range of customers in government agencies including large authorities, government companies, and private entrepreneurs. The guiding light in all projects is to combine in the work the best professionals, the right contractors, planners and architects, professional and decent. We do not believe in work in which the people involved engage in mutual accusations and quarrels. We believe in a team spirit, and creation of an atmosphere of cooperation and harmony among those involved. Thus we succeed in creating the quality projects which end with the full satisfaction of all those involved.

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